The Best And Worst Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Here are the features that people hate and love about Samsung's new smartphone release.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are out, and the reviews are in. People are torn on whether the new features and design compensate for the removed benefits from older models.

Here are the most raved-about features on Samsung’s newest release:

Instant Access To Camera

Samsung successfully reflects the world’s need to record their lives and everything happening around them at a split-second notice with the new instant access to the camera.

Quick Charge

Apparently the Galaxy S6 can get a 50% charge in 30 minutes. It’s also enabled to charge wirelessly, which is our favorite futuristic component.

Gorgeous Design

Samsung switched out their plastic backs with the more premium feel of glass. The S6 Edge also has the beautiful screen that extends and bends over its edge.


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And accordingly, here is what people hate about the new Samsung phone.


While some love the new design and glass casing, others hate it. The former plastic made it less likely to break, because we all know we drop our phones all the time. If you put a case on the phone, then it negates the cool new Edge design. Some are calling it an Apple copycat.

Lack of Removable Battery

Older models had a battery you could remove and thus replace. Smart phone batteries notoriously die before its predicted lifetime. Some are confused why they would remove this great feature. 

No SD Card Slot

This was another feature from older models that Samsung removed. The SD Card allowed people to transfer files and get extra storage on their phone. People looking for the extra features missing from the iPhone will now have to look elsewhere.


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