The First Videos Taken With Google Glass

The first videos taken with Google Glass have made their way onto the internet.

A new chapter in the slow Google Glass rollout happened today when the first videos shot by Google Glass owners. The first one, of a guy zooming around a short race track, seems like the inevitable first Google Glass video. It makes good use of the fact that Google Glass, among other things, is an ideal first person camera.

One person immediately went meta by making a video of them opening the Google Glass package.

That was actually a lot more straightforward than I thought it would be going in. He just wants to show you the Google Glass packaging. It's weirdly mesmerizing.

Then we get our first video that really gains nothing from having been done by Google Glass. But hey, it looks like they had fun doing it. Also, it turns out it's from the same guy who just showed us the unboxing.

"By the way, here's my desk." I actually can't decide if it's depressingly mundane, or if there's something weirdly transcendent about it.

These videos bring up an interesting question: is Google Glass a completely new kind of thing, or is it just a smart phone that goes on your face? Right now it seems like a smart phone that goes on your face, but one of these days, someone will break through and Google Glass will come into its own.

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