The Internet Hilariously Mocks Apple's New Product Announcements

Another day, another iPhone, another "keep up with the Joneses" moment. Aren't we just exhausted by now? Can't we just curl up with our old, obsolete phones?

Well, it seems like a good portion of the internet is over the whole Apple song-and-dance, the mad dash to be the first to buy and/or Instagram the new iPhone/iPad/iPagoda that's going to lose its shiny sheen in six months' time.

Here's the best of the internet's collective eye-rolling at the announcement/livestream/liveblogging of the new line of Apple products.

1. The Apple Keynote drinking game"

For those of you who can't play the above video because you don't own the newest iPhone model and the iPhone gods have thusly shunned you, here's the run-down:

Drink every time an Apple keynote speaker says:

  • any permutation of the word "incredibly"

  • that something has never been done before (no, not by a single iphone in the veritable elephant graveyard of iphones that is your garage now).

  • a dad joke that your dad would cringe at



4. "They're coming out with a new iPhone today"




apple memes




And yet, after all that....

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