The US Just Challenged Japan To A Giant Robot Showdown

Just in time for the 4th of July: a battle to the (robot) death.Science fiction/anime/video game/apocalyptic action movie fans rejoice!

Japan's love for giant fighter robots meets America's love of winning/guns/winning at guns in this landmark moment.

The robot war is going to happen, people. This is not a drill.

MegaBots Inc. has just completed the “Mark II,” America's first fully functional giant piloted robot. It seats a team of 2, can fire 2 pound paint “MegaBalls” at speeds of over 100mph, and is, in MegaBots' own words, “12,000 pounds of gasoline powered fury.”

But MegaBots isn't the first to create such a colossal juggernaut of a mecha. MegaBots World Headquarters may be the “densest concentration of cutting edge robotics research this side of the Mississippi” (cue patriotic music), but Suidobashi Heavy Industries beat them to that punch with the “Kuratas,” a “9,000lb single seater giant fighting robot with twin Gatling guns...and a hyper advanced targeting system.”

You see where this is going.

MegaBots has challenged Suidobashi to a robot face-off, with each team of mad scientists representing their respective countries. Japan gets to pick the battlefield, and in 1 year's time, they'll ride.

May the best bot win.

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