These Butt X-rays Are Hilarious

Sometimes people do interesting things to get themselves into the hospital.

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Sure, you've heard of Wikipedia, but have you heard of Radiopaedia

Radiopaedia is the website where radiologists share their favorite x-rays with other radiologists, and these ones are hysterical.

The website, created by Dr. Frank Gaillard, gives doctors and medical students an enjoyable break from the craziness going on their hospital, to check out the craziness going on in others.

And sometimes, things get really crazy, especially in these x-rays of objects stuck in people's butts:

X-Rays of things stuck up people's butts

Makes you wonder how these ridiculous objects  got stuck up people's butts:

Real Crazy X-Rays

And, what's funnier is a lot of these cases took place in hospitals in the Bible Belt.

Radiologists who check out this website have the chance to make comments on pictures, that fall under different categories.

While a lot of the photos on the website are used for teaching purposes and often depict serious cases, some x-rays on the site are just plain hysterical.

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