These People Do WHAT While Driving?

If you thought texting and driving was bad, these people have taken 'risky' to a whole new level.

Texting, driving

You won't believe what these people do while behind the wheel.

We've all heard it time and time again-don't use your phone while driving.

At first, people used to have to be told to not talk on the phone while driving. When Bluetooths were invented, it took some time before many realized that being distracted by a phone call, whether you're holding the phone or not, can present the same dangers.

Then, texting became the new thing that people were doing while driving. Texting while driving has caused devastating accidents and heartbreaking stories of lives changed or lost because of a simple text. 

While the older generation (who is sometimes caught doing these things, too), might be shocked to wonder how people could actually type a message and look at the road at the same time, we can't believe what these people actually have admitted to doing while driving:

In addition to texting, many people use other forms of social media while driving, which might actually take more attention off the road (if that was possible) than texting. This includes snapchatting, Facebooking, sending tweets, taking selfies, and even shooting videos (of what?!).

If there was ever anything less attractive then someone snapping a photo of themselves while they should be focusing on the road, a survey done by AT & T showed that people who participate in this kind of risky behavior, do it much more often than not.

The survey showed that people even video chat while they are driving. Because we totally want to see you crash and watch the whole thing live. Not.

Although there have been many public service announcements and campaigns to stop people from using their phones while driving, there are still accidents every single day. 

Point of it all? Well, just like the campaign states, IT CAN WAIT.

Don't talk on the phone while driving. Don't text while driving. And certainly, whatever you do, don't tweet, don't send a Snapchat, and for the sake of all things holy, don't shoot a video of yourself or the road in front of you while driving! 

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