These Posters Perfectly Sum Up How Technology Is Damaging Our Relationships

One artist has perfectly captured how social media use is ruining our relationships.

Ajit Johnson this generation poster

Advances in technology and social media have completely revolutionized our society, giving us the power to have the world at our fingertips. But the Internet-savvy culture that keeps us so connected comes with the hefty cost of actually disconnecting ourselves from that world we are so plugged into.

Artist Ajit Johnson has created a series of posters with the hashtag #ThisGeneration that poignantly captures how our obsession with social networking is depriving of us having real human contact and in turn, build meaningful relationships.

"Everyone Skyping instead of meeting face to face (when there is an opportunity) and texting instead of having a real conversation," Johnson told Mic. "You see friends hanging out for lunch and texting or Snapchatting with other people, ignoring the people right in front of them. It's a common scene at the dinner table of every house."

Social media has made our world a little smaller tricking us into believing our circle of friends is getting closer, but in reality we are losing touch.

Ajit Johnson this generation poster

Ajit Johnson this generation poster

Ajit Johnson poster


Ajit Johnson facebook poster

Ajit Johnson facebook status

Ajit Johnson whatsapp



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