This Kickstarter Campaign So Stupid, You'll Want To Kick Its Starter

Kickstarter campaigns don't get sillier than this. is almost always loaded with interesting projects, but it does attract some stinkers.

This new campaign that may leave you confused at first, and then force you to take another look. Sadly, your search for a meaning or purpose behind it will be met with disappointment.

The campaign is seeking $50,000 worth of pledges to make a giant-sized car-juggling robot, which has been aptly named the BugJuggler. It would basically be a very large robot with an arm that would juggle real cars for no other purpose but entertainment.

The genius behind this idea is a Californian engineer named Dan Granett, who has already built a smaller prototype to demonstrate the workings of his concept. But for 50 Gs, he would turn this miniature invention of his into a real behemoth that would do with automobiles what a circus clown does with balls.

If the generous Kickstarter members throw in an extra $25,000, the robot will have two hands instead of just one, and that's when the incredible juggling fun would hit fourth gear.

Check out BugJuggler's official intro:

While we know that people donate to almost anything, this idea is so wacky that even the usually adventurous financiers of Kickstarter have only pledged $571 to it. The world will never be able to see the BugJuggler in action. What a tragedy, really.

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