This Odd New Gadget Is Supposed To Stop You From Slouching At Work

If you thought the "selfie stick" was the most frivolous accessory of all time, wait until you see this anti-slouching gadget.

We’ve all been told since childhood to “sit up straight” and “don’t slouch” but sometimes slouching is just inevitable, like when you work at a desk, hovering over a keyboard for most of the day. 

But worry not people! Because a new, over the top and extremely odd desk accessory is here to change that.

Japanese retailer Thanko has developed a cushioned, plastic hand attached to a robotic arm that’s meant to help with posture and slouching by arranging it in various positions to keep you upright.

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anti slouching gadget

Apparently, the arm clamps to desks and is adjustable in height. The hand can also be positioned wherever you need including under your chin, supporting your back, or even as an arm pillow if you need a little break. 

If it seems bizarre, well ... that's because it is! It may not even be effective, for that matter.

What we're intrigued by is the fact that retailers, developers, scientists and the like are literally inventing objects for any and every possible need. Are they really making life easier or just contributing to a society that is already entitled and lazy? 

Now all we need to do is find cures for AIDS and cancer and we're all set. 

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