Top 5 Hilarious Google Glass Parodies

It’s clear that Google Glass is an innovative and smart technology on paper, but in real life in could put us in terribly awkward situations. Explore the possibilities with these Google Glass parodies.

Sleek.  Elusive.  Everyone is so excited to try out the new Google Glass as it becomes available, but are we really equipped to handle the awkward social situations that are sure to result from this trendy cyber eyewear?   Several companies are moving toward banning the device such as casinos, hospitals, movie theatres, and even a few schools out of fear over privacy concerns and misuse. 

I welcomed the transparency at first, until I watched a few parodies that changed my perspective… 

Google Glass Parody by MachinimaETC

This video definitely made me rethink wearing Google Glass, especially in work situations.  Would I trust my co-workers not to abuse the voice activated commands?  And keep an eye out for folks wearing the headgear in restrooms, too…

How Guys Will Use Google Glass by DartanionLondon

This is a prime example of what ladies can expect on a first date with someone wearing Google Glass.  Because first dates weren’t quite awful enough. 

Project Glass: Google Goggles (The Parody) by GradLife

This is probably the most true-to-life video in the list, as it follows a Google Glass user through an entire morning from waking up with the alarm clock to meeting up with friends.  It also illustrates how annoying and distracting some of the Google integrated features could be, as the disruptions from Gmail, Google +, G Talk, and music from the Google Play store disrupt us right at eye level.  Cameo appearance from ChatRoulette!

St. Patrick’s Day [through Google Glass] by Stuntbear

This video is another shining example of the things that can go wrong while wearing Google Glass, but the device itself isn’t truly the culprit here (just a way to document the chaos that ensues!).  Take a look at what happens to this Irishman who wear his Google Glass during a St. Paddy’s day parade.

Google Glass: Don’t Be a Glasshole

This funny video from Mashable highlights the social traps we can fall into when wearing such a high-tech device including arrogance, narcissism, and elitism.  We’ve seen this time and time again as new technologies are introduced; remember when Bluetooth headsets became available?  And beepers?  In the beginning it seemed like only jerks were wearing them.  Check out this video for clear lessons on how not to alienate your friends while wearing Google Glass.

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