7 Female Gamers Breaking Gender Barriers

More female gamers are making their mark now in the male-dominated territory.

Though gaming may be considered a highly male-dominated field, thinking that women don't share gaming interests is as wrong as it gets.

Women enjoy playing video games as much as any guy. They are even taking it a step further and playing well enough to seriously disturb the “established order.”

Recent research has found that women play more PC games overall than men in the U.S. They also play more RPGs on the PC than men, while men outnumber women in the FPS and MMO genres.

Here are some bad-ass female gamers worth your while to know about:

Katherine "Mystik" Gunn

Female Gamers

Antelope Valley, California, native Kate Gunn is a professional gamer and well known in the competitive world of gaming. She remembers being a gamer all her life, supported in her passion by her family who were not strangers to the world of video games. She went on to become the first and only female winner of the Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer series.

What’s more, she netted $122,000 from three tournaments. Not just a flying fancy, is it?

Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn

Female Gamers

Scarlett is a Canadian Zerg player on Team Acer. The Starcraft II pro stepped into the pro gaming scene in 2011 and soon made her way among the top players. As Adi Robertson of The Verge says, “North America's current top player, Scarlett is one of a relatively small number of non-Koreans and an even smaller number of women to climb the ranks worldwide.”

Sarah & Ruth “Lou” Harrison
Female Gamers

Sarah Lou Harrison and her sister Ruth got into games inspired by their father when they saw him playing Doom 10 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

The duo is often termed the Venus and Serena Williams of hardcore gaming.

"I like to talk a lot of trash when I win," says Ruth. "There are a lot of boys who can't stand it when they lose to a girl. Even if you're good."

The sisters know from experience that being a female gamer isn’t something associated with women willingly. 

"Girls at school weren't interested; they were more into clothes and stuff," says Sarah. And both avoided talking too much about their habit with potential boyfriends.

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Lilian Chen

Female Gamers

Lilian describes herself as “Semi-retired competitive Smash Bros. player.” Indeed, once a gamer, you can hardly ever be anything else.

She’s been playing Super Smash Brothers Melee for over a decade now and participated competitively in national tournaments for three years. She recalls playing with her brother at her family’s Chinese restaurant, Peking House, in Willimantic, Connecticut.

She went on to become legend by the name of Milktea and now, a TED designer by profession, this gamer works at creating awareness about the world of gaming and it’s female competitors.

Vanessa "Vii" Arteaga

Female Gamers

Vanessa Arteaga of Modesto, California, is an ardent and professional video gamer and excels in fighting games such as Dead or Alive 4.

She was the first ever female gamer to be drafted to full-time professional team when she played for the DirecTV televised league and was drafted No. 1 overall. She has recently finished a stint on Sci-Fi Channel's Ultimate Gamer reality TV show.

Alice “Ali” Lew

Female Gamers

Alice Lew goes known in the SK-Ladies Counter Strike Team, has been a detrimental factor in helping her team in beating every big contender in Counter Strike.

Rumay “Hafu” Wang

Hafu Wang

Rumay Wang is a World of Warcraft world champion, the world’s most reputed role playing game. She recently switched to Bloodline Champions. She also plays for Cloud9.

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