Michael Bay Flubs Scripted Lines At Event And Runs Off Stage


Michael Bay is a great Hollywood director with smash hit movies like Armageddon and the Transformers series under his belt. But what he is not is a good public speaker and his meltdown at Samsung's Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas proved just that.

What really happened is that Bay, 48, was invited to speak at an event where Samsung was going to launch its new line of gigantic 150-inch curved television sets. Him, being a big-time movie expert and special effects guru, was supposed to offer his insight. Everything was going according to plan – he was reading his lines from the teleprompter – until he jumped a line ahead by mistake, and the person running the machine didn’t adjust.

At first, and in his own words, he tried to ‘wing’ it. Samsung executive Joe Stinziano tried to help him out, but with so many eyes on him, Bay just couldn’t keep the show running. The Los Angeles-born director was completely flustered. He apologized to his audience, pirouetted and bolted from the scene.

Later on, when asked about the incident by Business Insider’s Jim Edwards, Bay blamed his meltdown on the malfunctioning teleprompter.    

Check out how the whole thing went down in the video posted above.

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