Most Celebrities On Twitter Are Trolls

Twitter trolls better run and hide because Trolldor is here.

Twitter Trolls

One of the first things most people do after signing up on Twitter is follow a few of their favorite celebrities. It’s the easiest way to be in direct contact with stars.

Well a new app suggests that this seemingly harmless move could come back to haunt you.

Most celebrities on this micro-blogging site are either trolls or have tweeting tendencies that are consistent with trolls.

This new app called “Trolldor” analyzes the daily actions from an account, and if its statistical observations are consistent with trolls, it says so.

It basically examines eight different kinds of Twitter metrics such as the daily number of tweets, amount of unique, non-plagiarized content and the behavior of followers. Once all these units have been factored in, a verdict is generated.

It's a fantastic new way to identify annoying accounts that spam and push unwanted ads into our faces. Now, while it works great for the general population and has been accurate with its evaluations, the same is not true for celebrities.

It brands almost every big-name celebrity a troll, and before you ask, no, it's not a glitch. It actually reveals everything we need to know about the intellectual quality of celebrities online.

For instance, “Trolldor's” analysis of Justin Bieber's account revealed that the Canadian pop star meets six of the eight signs that Twitter trolls have. Check this:

Twitter Trolls

Note how a staggering 89 percent of Bieber's 53.8 million followers follow less than 30 people. Also, keep an eye on the fact that 81 percent of his Beliebers have sent out less than 10 tweets. There are other signs too.

Enter more Twitter handles of famous celebrities and know for yourself why “Trolldor” says what it does.

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