TSU.co: The Website Facebook Doesn’t Want You To Know Anything About

Looks like social media giant Facebook isn’t feeling secure about a new name in the market. What does it have to fear?

Try sharing any link from the website Tsu.co on Facebook and you’ll face a prohibition notice. Try as you might, you can’t post a link from the site. Same goes for Facebook messenger and Instagram. If Tsu’s CEO is to be believed, Facebook went so far as to retroactively remove any mention of the site from its archives. What’s all the fuss about one would wonder?

Tsu is a new social network that promises to pay its users for posting content to its site. Yes, they split their earning with the users — 45% of it!

Yes, that’s right.

Is that a source of worry for Facebook? Does it fear losing on its following?

That remains to be seen.

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