You Won't Have To Fight For A Window Seat In 10 Years

A U.K. company hopes to introduce a windowless plane into the aviation industry.

Have you ever been on an airplane and found that you keep trying to get a better glimpse of what’s going on outside, only to be restricted by the small window that you get to look through – and that's only if you happened to get a window seat to begin with?

Those days could be over soon.

The Centre for Process Innovation in the U.K. is working toward introducing a window-less plane, something that would change the experience of being on an airplane completely.

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Far from an aesthetic view, the motivation behind this is purely practical and one of the longstanding problems in the aviation industry: How to reduce weight in order to reduce fuel consumption.

This would make airfare more affordable in the long run. CPI estimates that for every 1 percent reduction of the aircraft’s weight, 0.75 percent of fuel can be saved.

Ideally, this could also reduce air pollution. In 10 years, this could become a reality – so nervous fliers might have to think twice as hard before deciding to travel on one these planes!

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