What If You Could Design Shirts With Your Phone? Turns Out, You Can

Smart T-Shirts? It was only a matter of time.

It was only a matter of time before our smartphone’s started designing shirts. That time is now.

The credit goes to the mighty creative Japanese apparel maker Uniqlo.

It has launched UTme!, a smartphone app available on iTunes and GooglePlay that lets you craft graphic designs, prints and text onto a shirt —straight from your phone or tablet – for 1990 yen, the equivalent of $20 per shirt.

Subscribers can upload can distort, layer, and paint their shirts with a smart ‘shaking’ function.

This brand has made a name itself by consistently providing high quality apparel at reasonable prices.  However, there is much, much more laudable about Uniqlo.

Uniqlo has equal, if not more, prowess over its media campaigns. Time and time again, Uniqlo wows with its innate knack to knead technological integration into its inimitable marketing campaigns – from its GIF prize competition to its Pinterest campaigns. This move, however, reaches new heights altogether.

You can either pick your tees up from its Tokyo location or have them delivered to your home. Hold your horses before you download the app though. For now, the service is only available in Japan.

If it proves popular in its homeland, then it's likely to head stateside, where Uniqlo is aggressively expanding its presence.

It’s popular for its clever schemes used to capture consumer attention. However, their latest promotion effectively outdoes all their previous campaigns.

Here are some user images of happy customers sporting their smart-shirts on the app’s website. 

 Design Shirts

 Design Shirts

 Design Shirts

 Design Shirts

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