Up Your Selfie Game With This Stalker Drone

So much better than the selfie stick. Your selfies are about to get a serious upgrade.

Introducing the Lily Camera, a selfie drone that follows you to capture amazing video of you actually doing cool stuff like rock climbing the Grand Canyon — not just taking a hungover, duckface Sunday selfie.

The next big thing in personal filming is small enough to stick in your pocket and waterproof so it's ideal for those jet skiing adventures. When you’re ready to document your next stunt, just toss the GPS tracking device into the air (the drone stabilizes itself so it can get the perfect height) and the drone will film your every move. The Lily Camera uses algorithms to recognize its owner so it’s shooting you, even when you’re in a crowd.

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The Lily Camera will most likely go for $999 with a $499 presale available this week. Of course, there are a few kinks with the device like not having sense-and-avoid technology so as Mic notes “if you're filming yourself running through the woods, Lily won't dodge trees in its pursuit to film you.” Eek. A real crash and burn quirk for essentially an extreme sports selfie camera. But despite the hefty price and work-in-progress defects, the latest in selfie technology is significantly cooler than those annoying selfie sticks we all hope would just die already. So if you've gotten sick of selfies (as I totally have) this GoPro-esque selfie drone will probably change your mind. 

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