Virtual Reality Headsets Can Do a Lot More Than Just Video Games

April, 28, 2014: VR headsets can help us accomplish a lot more than video gaming feats.

Virtual Reality Headsets

The video gaming industry will see a major release this year, and it's not an upcoming title that has gamers excited. It's the long-awaited release of virtual reality headsets that have experts marking 2014 as a great year for hardcore gaming.

The Oculus Rift is set to become commercially available by the end of the year, while Sony's Project Morpheus is coming along nicely too. GameFace Labs are also working diligently to make a VR headset of their own, and it's a near certainty that others will join this race sooner or later.

All of this has gotten video game junkies excited, but the common man remains unmoved. What they don't get is that head-mounted displaysmay have been developed with video gamers in mind, but they can do a lot more than that.

Here are some non-gaming ways in which virtual reality head-mounted displays can be used:

Experience for Physically Disabled or Amputees

Virtual Reality Headsets

Those with physical disabilities miss the experience of walking and running on their own as much as they miss the actual act. While VR headsets can't return them their ability to move freely, they certainly can recreate the scene for them.


Home Building

When constructing a new home, people are often confused because the structure is not really there for them to see at the time of hiring the contractor. When combined with a bit of 3D mapping and graphical creativity, VR headsets could make this decision making process a lot easier. Home owners could simply throw a pair of headsets on and see for themselves what it'd be like gravitating in their home which hasn't been made yet.


Robotic Presence On Mars

Virtual Reality Headsets

It isn't yet completely possible for human beings to land on Mars. The few rovers space agencies have sent on the red planet have experienced navigational issues. The NASA's Spirit Mars rover, for instance, travelled less than 8 kilometers in six years. Incorporating VR sets could perhaps make it easier for astronauts to control these tiny robots. The American agency tried Oculus Rift out in a demonstration recently.


First Person View InsideHuman Body

Virtual Reality Headsets

Seeing what's going inside a human body on camera is one thing, but having a first person view is totally another. It could enable them to better understand the transformation and changes that take place in there. A demonstration of this was given at the South by Southwest (SXSW) last month.


Combat Training

Virtual Reality Headsets

Before being sent to the actual battlefield, soldiers' combat skills can be gauged with a video game and a pair of VR headsets. Actually, the US army has custom-made helmet-mounted displays and a matching video game that it uses to give its soldiers a taste of the battle. With theOculus Rift and Project Morpheus, their virtual combat experience would get so much better though.

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