Hammer Test Has Killed Many a Smartphones But No One Fought Back Like The Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an inspiration to all smartphones which suffer human abuse.

Samsung marketed its new Galaxy S5 smartphone with a series of new features, but didn't tell us of its one hidden ability. The Korean manufacturer's flagship product is a bit of a fighter.

This revelation came when a brand new unit of the Galaxy S5 was put through the rigorous hammer test. Many before it succumbed to this horrible way of gauging a phone's sturdiness, but the S5 wasn't going down without a fight.

As soon as its display screen gave up to the repeated blows, and the tester (read tormenter) flipped it over to bang some on its back, the Samsung Galaxy S5 unleashed the chemical in its battery and got the man with the hammer.

It must have gotten him bad too, because the tester was heard coughing towards the end of the video and a plea of help was also issued.

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 may not have made too many fans since its release, no one likes to see phone brutality. It's outright cruelty. Also, wasting a $700 tech product in THIS economy to achieve absolutely nothing is crazy.

By the way, a Samsung Galaxy S5 recently survived a water test too, the video of which can be seen below:

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