Whiz Kid's Invention Could Solve Power Problems in Remote Areas

June 11, 2014: He may look like the infamous evil character, but he is anything but.

A 15-year-old Filipino boy's looks, physical appearance and aptitude for innovations have drawn comparisons with Despicable Me character, Vector.

The teenage tech whiz named Angelo Casimiro has invented electric-generating shoes that can charge smartphones and other similar gadgets on the go, without any external power source.

Many don't realize, but it's a scientific fact that our body movement, or any moving thing for that matter, can be used to produce energy.

What Casimiro has done is that he has fitted a couple of physio-electric discs inside the soles of his footwear. So, whenever he wears his shoes and goes out for a walk or a run, the discs absorb all the pressure and turn it into electric power.

The stored power can then be used to charge any small-sized electronic device such as a phone, radio, flashlight or iPod via a USB.

While it's too early to say how far this shoe-charger can go, if perfected, Casimiro believes it'll provide an ideal solution for joggers or hikers who find it difficult to locate power sockets on their endeavors. A much larger goal of his is to incorporate his invention in the lives of people who dwell in remote areas where electricity is a scarce commodity.

The idea of using energy from human body to produce usable electric power is nothing new, and several other groups are working on it. However, Casimiro's age and nerdy looks is what makes his idea stand out from the rest.

Also, one can't ignore how eerily similar he looks to the Vector character. Let's hope he doesn't take the evil career path a la the Despicable Me villain.

Check out his Casimiro's story in the video at the top of the page.

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