Get Ready to Send ‘Scent Messages’

Time and technology has brought us to the age of scent messages. This app lets you smell that wonderful cup of coffee on Instagram or the bread from your favorite Parisian bakery.

Yes, one can now send photos with scents and aromas attached to them, thanks to an app called oNotes.   

Launching on June 17, the app needs a lot of polishing and refining, but even its capabilities at this early stage are brilliant.

Imagine being able to smell all that mouthwatering food seen in ads?

It’s not actually the very coffee or cup cake one smells but rather generic smells and odors.

oNotes aims to go beyond the initial send-a-scent application and expand to creating immersive experiences for all types of media, from television to books and even movies.

Each individual has numerous memories attached to particular smells and sometimes just a whiff of a perfume or something as unlikely as a newspaper can take you back to another time and place.

In fact it’s not just memories a smell can trigger, but it also influence our moods and affect work performance

So how does one get their hand on this app? Simply by visiting an oPhone hotspot, plugging in your device and downloading your notes.

Writer Maria Del Russo, however, has a fear with respect to the app.

"While that may seem like an interesting new frontier, we've got to wonder if this could be the start of a slippery slope. Immersive realities could lead to alternate realities, where people become so wrapped up in virtual smells and sights that they might opt out of experiencing the world around them as it is. Is this a direction we really want to go in? Is it wholly necessary to have everything be so incredibly immersive?” she writes.

Miles Klee, writing for Daily Dot has a rather more unappealing concern, “Edwards and his co-inventor (Rachel Field, his former student) are likely to further improve their design. In fact, they’re already talking about posting 'scent selfies' ('scenties'?) on Facebook. Given how many selfies are staged in bathrooms, we sort of hope that’s not a future we have to face.”

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