You Might Want To Get Your Sons Vaccinated For HPV

The Gardasil shot is not only for young girls. In 5 more years, the most common strain of HPV that leads to cancer will also affect men, not only women.

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Although the fairly new vaccine has been recommended to both boys and girls at a young age, girls have really been the only ones getting the vaccine. And even that has been controversial.

Many people believe that getting the HPV vaccine for their girls in some cases as early as age 9, will encourage them to have unprotected sex.

However, the HPV vaccine helps young girls get protected against the most popular strains of Human Papillomavirus which can lead to different types of cancer in the vagina or even the mouth.

The unfortunate thing is that up until now, boys have been the ones to carry HPV and not ever be affected by it. Then, if they were carriers, they could have passed it onto their female partners, who if weren't vaccinated, could have gotten that strain of HPV, which could have ultimately turned into cancer.

Although it would make sense to vaccinate boys first, no one ever really thought about it until now.

Well, time will always tell, as the most common strain of HPV will begin to affect men. Hello, parents! That means if you have young girls AND young boys, to get them vaccinated (and of course talk to them about what HPV is).

It is important to know that the Gardasil shot does not prevent all forms of HPV; there are tons out there. But, this news will hopefully be a wake up call to parents of young children to get going in the right direction.

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