You Never Have To Walk Across Campus Alone Thanks To This New App

The new student developed 'Companion' app allows friends and family to virtually walk you home at night, making sure you arrive safely.

As much as we appreciate the buddy system, sometimes walking home alone at night is inevitable, especially during those college years when you are likely to wake up confused on a friend's couch in the middle of the night and realize you need to get back to your own room. 

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We know all the tricks like calling up a friend to chat until you make it to your destination or pretending to be super engaged in a text convo hoping that the brightness from your screen will ward off any evil. 

Walk Across Campus Alone

If you're like me, you always tell your friends before you leave them, "I'll text you when I get home" but then you completely forget to do so once you arrive. 

Now, we can add the new app 'Companion' to our rolodex of safety methods and forget about having to remember to notify folks of our whereabouts. 

Developed by a group of students from University of Michigan, the app uses GPS tracking to show a person's virtual "companions" where they are in their journey in real-time. 

The app also notifies your companions once you've made it to your destination.

And what's more, it has a quick-dial 911 button and allows users to indicate when they feel nervous in a certain area.

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"We came up with Companion after becoming frustrated with the constant crime alerts on campus and lack of awareness of the stationary [campus emergency] blue light phones," One of the app’s developers Danny Freed reportedly said in an interview.

"With mobile devices in everyone's pocket, we were determined to find a better way."

Aggravated assault is the most common crime committed on college campuses and now is a really good time for the release of Companion in conjunction with the nationwide effort to end sexual assault on university campuses. 

Everyone has to go somewhere alone at night at some point — even if you're not in college — and this app, along with others like it, help to alleviate some of the stress and fear associated with doing so.  

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