Crazy Jetpack Man Flies Over Dubai And Glides Past Burj Khalifa

This isn't Grand Theft Auto. This is real life. And it's insane.

Man Flies Over Dubai

Aviation enthusiast Yves Rossy has a few extremely rare things in his arsenal. The 55-year-old Swiss is one of the select few people who have a working jetpack and he also has insane amount of courage to test his mind-boggling invention.

Rossy has previously flown his jetpack alongside a B-17 fighter jet and also ascended above the Grand Canyon, but his latest antic takes the cake.

This time, Rossy has tested the heights of the city of Dubai and he was insane enough to glide past the tallest man-made structure on Earth, the Burj Khalifa.

He made the video in collaboration with XDubai and put it up on YouTube to mesmerize us. The footage was shot from various GoPro cameras attached to Rossy's jetpack as well as a chase plane.

Rossy achieved top speed of 190 mph during his solo flight over the City of Gold. Check out the video above. Does it remind you of the Grand Theft Auto series?

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