Kobe Vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout VIDEO

The Turkish Airlines duo is back.

In a brand new commercial, NBA superstar “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant and soccer legend Lionel Messi engage in an epic selfie face-off while travelling all around the world.

Last year, in the advertisement “Legends On Board,” the two sportsmen fought for a young fan’s attention. It was one the most popular spots of 2012 on YouTube that received over 21 million views just after four days of its release.

Watch the video above and see who wins “The Selfie Shootout.”

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Weird 1999 Discovery Commercial

As ridiculous as this ad from 1999 may seem, it reminds us of the good old days of Discovery Channel and how informative it used to be. These were times when we ‘discovered’ something new by watching the channel.

Here’s what Redditors have to say about it:

“This was back when Discovery channel was actually pretty good,” says ThreeBrownSpindles.

We can all relate to meltedlaundry, “It really is a shame that almost all of the previously genuinely informative channels now are basically reality tv generators. Whenever I feel the urge to watch nature I'll check the current listings and it's just really depressing.

One of the last few consistent, nature-based shows Animal Planet ran that I would watch was Big Cat Diaries, which was syndicated, I believe, from the BBC. That well ran dry, however, so I think even that isn't on anymore.

And yes, I realize that these channels are merely catering to what their audiences apparently want to watch (i.e. reality tv...that's most likely scripted).”

Another Redditor, grospoliner, managed to hit the nail on the head and perfectly described the current state of television. “It's ironic. They change the programming to get more views, but the viewers that watched the channel for that specific programming are there by turned off. A vicious cycle”

This Thai Commercial Will Make You Cry

This is one of the most inspiring commercials ever.

This heartwarming Thai AD from True Move H, a mobile phone company, has definitely presented the perfect way of communication.  

The translation of its YouTube description reads:

TrueMove H believes in the power of giving without expecting a return. And is committed to the development of media technology.  Substances new to the Thailand to create opportunities and improve the quality of life Thailand. Every communication. Connecting an endless life, independent living TrueMove H.

The message of the commercial is simple beautiful.

Check out the video above and here’s an advice; grab your tissues because this commercial will surely make you cry.

Biracial Cheerios Commercial Parody

Everyone was talking about Cheerios on the internet when they debuted their first commercial featuring a biracial family.

The original Ad went viral and got mostly positive but a little negative reaction as well.

Deon Cole of Conan liked the commercial like most of the people, and it inspired him so much that he came up a parody of his own.

Deon demonstrates in the video how he would react if he wakes up covered in cereal.  And he did all of this just to help Cheerios understand how to make a more realistic biracial commercial!

Check out the hilarious parody above.

Amazing 10,000 iPhones Domino Set Commercial

Aatma Studio is a popular animation company and they frequently post some of the most amazing technology video on their YouTube channel.

This time they have come up with an awesome video in which they decided to make a domino set using 10,000 iPhones!

This is arguably the only domino set that included a moving elevator in the fall process. It is actually an attempt at a commercial.

The new video has already gone viral as it has garnered over a quarter million views. Amazing isn’t it?

Check out the 10,000 iPhones domino in the video above.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches Men’s Parody (Video)

Men, you are less beautiful than you think! That actually says it all! But we’ll just give you a tad bit of details before we leave you to watch this video.

This is a take on Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign that has moved people all over the world and has gone totally viral.  

The brilliant parody from New Feelings Time Comedy has made the exact same ad, literally copying eve the shots, but using men instead of women. Needless to say, the results are hilariously opposite!

Introducing ‘Google Nose’ April Fools Commercial

So, here’s 1st April, the day you cannot take anyone’s word for anything! If you are wise that is! Google, the world’s most powerful search engine is out with their latest April Fools' Day prank and we have it on authority that quite a few have been had! .

Google is of course the most amazing search tool for text, and images as well as videos but now it has introduced Google Nose. Imagine you can search things by smelling them? Seems difficult hard o believe? Of course it is!  It’s April 1st remember?

The commercial totally makes you believe that ‘Google Nose’ is real. It must be fun if we can actually Google the smell of anything but only if it’s actually happening! For now Google came up with probably this year’s best April fool prank.

Check out the video. And don’t be fooled!

The Best Apple – Mocking Commercial So Far

Somersby Cider - The Somersby Store is going viral on YouTube because of its sheer brilliance and awesomeness.

Somersby is the new cider brand from Carlsberg - Real Refreshment. It is a naturally-balanced, medium cider, made with no artificial flavorings or sweeteners. The perfect thirst-quencher.”

In this commercial Somersby perfectly tap into the Apple angst; they also took advantage of the recent Apple-mocking ads by rival company Samsung. The video of the ad is going viral over the internet.

Dove Ad Warns Men Against Using Women’s Shampoo

There are multiple reasons why men and women have different personal care products.. Dove highlighted them pretty well in their new hilarious Brazilian commercial.

Basically dove declared with their Ad that long, volumized hair are weird and feminine. Men don’t want that because it’s so not cool.

The commercial truly does an awesome job in conveying their message that Dove shampoo is the hair product for men. 

Enjoy the controversial yet funny Dove commercial in the video above.