From Doorless Balconies To 3D Clocks, These Architecture Fails Will Crack You Up

In case of fire, please proceed to the fire escape – oh wait!

No one is without flaws, but the mistakes made by these architects make us wonder why these people weren’t stopped mid-job. Surely, someone must have seen the error of their ways before construction for these projects ended.

Although from the looks of these, it seems like no one cared to begin with, or maybe the architect was just having a bad day.

Check out some of the most insane, real life construction disasters that will make you question human insanity:

1. The Escalators That Lead To Nowhere

Architecture Fails

2. The Escalators That Just Might Decapitate You

architecture fails funny

3. A Train Wreck Waiting To Happen

Railway Architecture Fails

4. Why Is This Seat Even There?

Architecture mistakes

5. The Fire Escapes That Are Just A Little Off

Fire Escape Comics

6. Since 3D Clocks Are Just Too Expensive…

Funny 3D Clocks

7. The Doorway To Heaven

Doorway To Heaven

8. The Mysterious Balcony

Mysterious Balcony

9. This Fan Is Probably Just A Decorative Item

Decorative failure

10. The Bathroom With No Sense Of Privacy

Worst Bathroom FAILS

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