These 10 Endangered Animals May Not Get to See Earth Day 2024

April, 22, 2014: On Earth Day 2014, here is a list of 10 animals that could soon become extinct.

Some people have it in their heads that extinction occurs only when a natural calamity of some sort strikes. But mass disasters like asteroid collisions and changing sea levels aren't the only factors contributing to species getting wiped off the face of the Earth.

Scientists believe that our planet is currently going through the sixth wave of extinction, and no one but we are to blame.

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As of this moment, more than 3,000 of our world's species are critically endangered. The few remaining samples of these species run the risk of becoming extinct if they are left in the wild and at the mercy of nature.

Of these species, the 10 that are the most likely to vanish can be seen in the video posted above. The list has names such as Ploughshare Tortoise, Iberian Lynx, Sumatran Rhino, Greater Bamboo Lemur and Sumatran Tiger. For the other five, you'd have to see the video for yourself.

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