10 Cutest Animals In Science In 2014

From adorable frogs to cuddly kolas, this video has it all.

Fasten your seatbelts animal lovers! We’re bringing you cute animals x10 in this remarkable video from the editors of Nature.  

A serious scientific journal bringing on the “Squee”? Yup! The video team at Nature is celebrating the top ten cutest animals in science this year. From koalas hugging trees (I KNOW! You’ll want to rewind) to monkeys with fabulous, swoopy hair, you'll be amazed.

A few not-really-animals also made the cut.  With the widely popular Penguins of Madagascar movie bringing in millions at the box office, it’s clear that folks love the black and white waddling cuties. You’ll fall in love with robot spies disguised as a penguin chick. The chicks were created when team of researchers needed to get close to a colony of emperor penguins in Antarctica. A new avenue of research was opened up - this unusual method could be used to study other elusive animals.

Believe it or not, insect-like robots are featured too – and they are pretty cute! Harvard researchers created an army of more than 1,000 miniature robots that form jaw-dropping three-dimensional patterns. Don’t believe us? The winged cuties, about the size of a penny, are featured at 2:15.

The rest of 2014’s best-in-cute include dogs in touch with the magnetic pull of earth, monkeys using how-to videos to get bananas, a rare dumbo octopus, dancing frogs, cute lizards and jumping spiders.

Do you thing the video editors suffered from cuteness overload? We’re glad they did! Thanks Nature

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