10 Epic Indian Spelling Fails

These Indian spelling errors will make you laugh your head off.

Indian kids might win spelling bees around the world, but these photos spell out the other side of the picture.

These hilarious spelling mistakes will not only make your day but would also make you feel thankful for knowing better.

1. While shoplifters are prosecuted in other parts of the world, Indians have taken their punishment to a whole new level.


2. Of no-parking and escapism


3. Please don’t be spiteful here


4. No, go faster, you wouldn’t want to see nudity ahead

5. A cocky menu

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6. A restaurant so elegant you’ll be eatin’ and drinkin’ all night


7. Is tea solid too? My whole life was a lie.


8. The killer apostrophe


9. Thankful for all the wrong things


10. I’ll take you to the crappy shop

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