These Little Kids Are Having The Worst Day Shopping With Their Parents

This is why taking little children to the store is a nightmare.

Little kids may be adorable, but shopping with them is downright terrible because as soon as they get bored – which they do pretty quickly – they turn into a nightmare for everyone at the store. They make the entire shopping experience dreadful and often embarrass their parents by turning very naughty.

From hanging out with mannequins to destroying the displays, check out these younglings who are having the worst day at the mall.

1. The little Iron Man who doesn’t want to wait until home before opening things:

2. Every retailer’s worst nightmare:

3. Playing hide ‘n’ seek in the unlikeliest of places:

4. Just chilling with nicely dressed mannequins:

5. The kid who is literally dragging along:

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6. Waiting in the line is terrible:

7. The boy who thinks hiding in the frozen food section is a good idea:

8. She just wants to be free:

9. The little one who freaks others out:

10. The kid who has given up all the hope:

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