Animals Are The Masters Of Photobombing

Human photobombing is too mainstream -- behold animal photobombs.

Capturing the perfect photo on a momentous occasion is a dream come true for everyone, but if someone unknowingly barges in on that photo, the photo is destroyed. However, if that someone happens to be of an animal variety, then the photos become memorable for another reason altogether.

These images show how animals can photobomb way better and more successfully than humans!

  1. What Goes Around Comes Back Around:

Animal Photobombs

This kid making bunny ears on another one gets actual donkey ears thanks to his position.

  1. Skyline Pigeon:

Animal Photobombs

Capturing a fine view of the skyline? Here, let me grace it with my presence.

  1. Peek-A-Boo:

Animal Photobombs

So you thought you can capture a photo of these penguins chilling around; I am a seal and I will be seen.

  1. Doing It The Classic Way:

Animal Photobombs

We thought that photobombing is considerably new, not quite so. Check out this dog lounging about, not giving a damn.

  1. Dog-Driver:

Animal Photobombs

Ever seen a dog driving a car? This dog bumps in the photo just in time to show the world the first dog driver with hands and feet.

  1. Revenge Of The Cat:

Animal Photobombs

No literally, it looks like the cat in the background made the face on purpose. Old grudges perhaps?

  1. Evolution of Man:

Animal Photobombs

This man surely got the gorilla thinking, “How can you possibly be so cheerful here?”

  1. Shocked Squirrel:

Animal Photobombs

This unintentional squirrel suddenly got up and still managed to look cute.

  9. Growling Bear:

Animal Photobombs

This bear probably couldn’t bear this mother-son bonding.

  1. Grinning Horse: 

Animal Photobombs

Either this horse remembered a really funny joke or he became that photobomber friend.

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