10 Facts About These Countries You Won’t Believe Are True

Want an extra ketchup sachet with your McDonald's meal? Well, Italy will make you pay for it.

Ever read something and thought there's no way it could be true? Lo and behold, the weirdest facts from around the world that will leave you scratching your head: 

1: Bhutan: Where wearing a seatbelt is "dangerous"


We’ve all been told to put on our seatbelt while driving. But in Bhutan’s case, wearing it might be more harmful than one would think.  With 20,000-plus mountains, residents fear that the fastened seatbelts would trap them if they were to get in an accident.

2: Papua New Guinea: Where you never know which language to speak

Papua New Guinea

Talk about being linguistically diverse. Papua New Guinea tops the list when it comes to most languages spoken in a country. This isn’t surprising since there are a total 850 languages spoken In PPG.

3: France: Where you’re left wondering what time it is


Known as the largest country in the Western Europe, France has as many as 12 time zones, leaving you constantly calculating whether you are ahead or behind the time.

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4: Falkland Islands (U.K.): Overrun with sheep

Falkland Islands

With a population of merely 3,000 people, the Falkland Islands are inhabited by approximately 500,000 sheep. Needless to mention, the country has a whopping amount of cotton exports.

5: Singapore: The country with no farms


With the agriculture and fisheries sector combined producing merely 0.5 percent of the country’s’ revenue, Singapore is known as the largest urban city-state with no farms.

6: Libya: Where all you see is desert


Ever imagined a decade or more without rain? This is Libya’s reality. A staggering 99% of the country is wrapped in the form of the Sahara desert, narrowing residential opportunities for 80% of the population to the coastline bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

7: Afghanistan: Your lifetime supply of opium


You always knew Afghanistan as a war-torn country, occupied for years by the U.S. forces, but did you know that the same country also produces 95% of the world’s opium? What is even more surprising is that the constant war and unstable political situation has not been able to slow down the opium industry’s progress.

8: Canada: The country that knows it all


Of many countries across the globe, Canada tops the list of the most educated people in the world. Not only have 50% of its people gained post-secondary level education, the country also has a whopping literacy rate of 99%.

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9: Italy:  Where McDonald's charges you extra for ketchup


Want ketchup with that? You’ll have to pay for it. Italian McDonald's has charged its customers the “ketchup fee” for every additional sachet of ketchup or mayonnaise since 2011.

10: New Zealand:  Where you don’t need footwear

New Zeeland

Don’t have a pair of matching shoes? No big deal. You’re sure to gel in well with the people of New Zealand, where going out barefoot is an absolutely normal sight. Yes, even when it is too hot to step on the bare floor.

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