These Ecstatic Animals Make Happiness Contagious

July 22, 2014: Hey happy animals, what's so funny?

With the things we put them through, animals of the world should be sad and depressed all the time. But despite their man-induced plight, some of these cute little things remain happy all the time.

Down below for you we have 11 of the happiest animals ever who would surely put a smile on anyone's face.

Happiest Meerkat

Happiest Animals

Nothing makes this meerkat happier than being in the company of his good pal.


Happiest Ass

Happiest Animals

With all that green to munch on, an ass has got to be happy.


Happiest Elephant

Happiest Animals

This stocky guy is probably perfecting his dance moves for Pharrell Williams' "Happy."


Happiest Dog

Happiest Animals

Is this the world's happiest canine ever or what?


Happiest Goat

Happiest Animals

This goat has no worries other than posing for the cameras. It's probably why this guy's so happy.


Happiest Pigs

Happiest Animals

Look at these piglets all colored up and happy.


Happiest Squirrel

Happiest Animals

This squirrel is always up for a happy face snap.


Happiest Cat

Happiest Animals

What does this kitty do? She simply rolls on the floor and stays happy.


Happiest Fox

Happiest Animals

This fox seems more happy than clever.


Happiest Horse

Happiest Animals

He laughs only when his pretty rider laughs.


Happiest Stoat

Happiest Animals

This one's just ecstatic about the winter.

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