The Crazy Facts You'll Never Agree with

June 21, 2014: It's hard to believe but these every day beliefs are messed up.

Even in this day and age when there is internet available to solve our information-related problems, there exist commonly held misconceptions. They are engrained in our heads so deep that it's hard for us to question them at all.

Here are just a few of them:      

Sugar makes kids hyper


Moms around the world may disagree, but science has rejected this belief.

Mommy Bird will ditch her baby

13 Biggest Misconceptions

If a human hand touches a baby bird or an egg, its mother will abandon it. Parents made up this lie so that children wouldn't play with the eggs and kill the birds or bring home diseases.

Cop can catch you

13 Biggest Misconceptions

Actually that's a fact. The myth is that if you ask a cop if they're a cop, and they say no, they can't arrest you for anything after that, or it would be entrapment. This urban myth got busted in Breaking Bad but not everyone has seen the AMC series.

This guy can solve all your techy problems

13 Biggest Misconceptions

Computer science students are tech geniuses who can troubleshoot all the computer-related problems. No, they're not.

Earth Was Flat?

13 Biggest Misconceptions

Most people in Columbus' time thought that the Earth was flat and that Columbus was going to fall off the Earth.

Nope our forefathers weren't as stupid as you think. They knew that the Earth was round. The reason they ridiculed Columbus might be that they thought that he would starve and dehydrate during the course of his long journey.  

Blood Is Blue?

Bleeding finger

Blood in our body is blue until it contacts the oxygen in the air and turns red. People believe this even in this day and age. Madness!

World Violence

World Violence

The world is a more dangerous place, and getting more dangerous. Nope, it's not. In fact, we are less likely to die through violence (war or crime) now than at any point in history. The men of eras gone by were far more savage beasts than us.

FBI statistics shows violent crimes have been decreasing for decades. Other countries' law enforcement show similar statistics.

Einstein Wasn't a Born Genius?

13 Biggest Misconceptions

Einstein was bad at math in school. No he wasn't. He had taught himself integral and differential calculus by the age of 15. It is just something that is used as a motivational tool to give bad students hope.

Velociraptors' Size

13 Biggest Misconceptions

Jurassic Park movies may show otherwise, but in reality, Velociraptors were quite small.

Red Hair Going Extinct

13 Biggest Misconceptions

A report claimed a few years ago that red hair will go extinct in the coming future due to its recessive trait. It was a hoax.

Sex Education

Sex Education

Teaching teenagers about contraceptives will flip a switch in their brain and make them start having sex before they're ready.

Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis

13 Biggest Misconceptions

You can get arthritis for cracking your bones. No proof for it.

Shaving You Hair Will Make It Grow Thicker

Shaving You Hair Will Make It Grow Thicker

The hair quality doesn't change from shaving. It's just that the new hair is yet to be damaged by the Sun's heat and hasn't been through tons of shampooing like the old one.

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