Oh Dear, These Drivers In A Canadian Town Really Need To Slow Down On Icy Roads

Sometimes you need to drive at a much slower speed limit because of weather conditions.

It’s that time of the year, folks. Winter is here and with it, conditions on the road can make driving tricky. Black ice, or even just ice itself cause roads to become slippery, which makes it hard to slow down.

In a town called Lethbridge, Alberta, somebody managed to capture the insanity that drove up on a bridge. Despite a speed limit that gets lowered every year to 60 kilometers, drivers are a bit ambivalent about how the weather condition affects their ability to slow down.

According to a thread on Reddit, this is a frequent occurrence for the residents of Lethbridge, which often results in the West side of the town being cut off.  

Watch the video and drive safe out there.

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