15 Hilariously Awkward Passive Aggressive Notes

Patty Clark
Some people decide to vent their anger in interesting ways...

Passive aggressive notes seem to be on the rise. Maybe it's because we are so used to venting and ranting on the internet, that it's just easier to express our frustration over a note. And it would probably be harder for the note writer to be so rude in person. Whatever the cause, some of these situations are pretty hilarious.


Passive aggressive note

Bitter much? 

Funny passive aggressive notes


I really want to know how many times this happened before someone put up a poster. 

Funniest Passive aggressive note


The battle over lunches from home will never end. 

Responses to Passive-Aggressive Notes


At least this person is honest. 

Most Passive Aggressive Notes Ever Written


Everyone has that one neighbor notorious for leaving their trash outside

Masters of Passive Aggressive Notes


Have a little self respect! 

Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes


Burn from Grandma! 

This Is The Most Passive-Aggressive Note Ever Written


The elephant in the room upstairs. 

Worst Passive Aggressive Notes


Super judged. 

Most Intensely Passive Aggressive Notes


No one has any shame. 

Funny Pictures of Passive Aggressive Notes


Please pass the passive aggression. 

Hilarious list of passive aggressive notes


The things people will stoop to. 

No One Does Passive Aggressiveness Better Than Neighbors


Do you want some death with that cigarette? 

Epically Passive Aggressive Office Notes


I feel heartless!

Racist Passive aggressive note