Photos So Perfectly Timed, You'll Hardly Believe They're Real

Did the stars align in the moment these photos were taken? Is there more to the world that meets the eye, but that the camera can (from time to time) capture in an Instagrammable moment?

This man riding a puppy

It’s usually recommended that you let the dog reach an adulthood before you ride it into battle, but who are we to judge?


The best wedding photo ever taken

Now that's a dress you won't find on the discount rack.


This draconic warning

Honestly, we're not even totally convinced this photo doesn't harken the beginning of the endtimes.


That moment you wish nobody saw

Oh, they saw it all right.


The photo that beat the odds

Perfect alignment of the stars? Or evidence of a government conspiracy? You decide. 


Proof that birds are self-aware and have formed a union

It's like Hitchcock all over again!


And proof that the leprechauns were lying all along

Unless this is a "one man's trash, another man's bucket of gold" sort of situation.


This skirt that Dolce & Gabbana could learn a thing or two from

If you're not catering to the consumer market of "women who wanted to grow up to be Thumbelina," you're playing your cards all wrong.


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This actual evidence of the end-times

Don't let anyone tell you different. They've already been taken.


This ant that puts all of us to shame

No matter what you achieved today, you'll never be as stone-cold awesome as this little ant in this one moment.


Hey, lady. Aladdin called. He wants his carpet back.


Can Starbucks do this?

Poor horse. Born but to drown? So tragic.


This moment that isn't the Second Coming of Christ

Sorry, kid. This isn't going to end well for you.


This cat that has learned sophisticated camoflauge

Hide the ammunition.

That moment you were playing "what does that cloud look like?" with your friends, and you won


Ok, maybe this guy can go toe-to-toe with that ant from earlier


And this literal work of art

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