19 Stunning Images of Albino Animals

Pictures of some of the most rare and majestic animals that lack skin pigment.

Albinism is an interesting genetic condition that results in completely white skin and hair. Basically, albinos are missing a protein that are necessary for cells to be pigmented. Being an albino is incredibly rare especially for an animal, considering that it is much harder to stay hidden from predators. Only one in 17,000 humans are albinos, and that's without us humans being hunted for the most part. Check out these stunning and rare photos of albino animals. 

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1. Alligator

Albino Alligator, white, crocodile


2. Deer

mother, deer, doe, baby deer, albino, white

3. Dog

christmas, dog, white, albino, puppy, pup, gift, animal


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4. Two-headed snake

double head, albino, snake, heads, white, slither

5. Giraffe

2 giraffes, albino, white, spots, long neck, animal, eating

6. Gorilla

albino, white, gorilla, monkey, ape, animal

7. Hedgehog

white, albino, hedgehog, red eyes, animal

8. Horse

albino, horse, steed, white, hair, sleeping, sleep, lying down, hug

9. Hummingbird

Hummingbird, albino, white, feathers, alight, bird feeder, resting,

10. Humpback whale

albino, humpback whale, white, underwater, ocean, swimming,

11. Koala

koala, albino, white, sleep, sleeping, cute, rest, Mom and Baby

12. Lion

lion, albino, white, waterhole, drink, water, lions

13. Owl

tiny, baby owl, albino, feather, white, eye

14. Peacock

peacock, albino, half, white, feathers, strut, green, blue, mix

15. Penguin

penguin, albino, white, waddle, snow, baby


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16. Spider

white spider, flower, purple, albino, black widow

17. Squirrel

Albino squirrel, white fir, tree branch, red berry, eat, animal

18. Turtle

Albino turtle, white turtle, swimming, baby turtles.


19. Zebra

albino white zebra, eat grass, animal, white fur and hair, white and cream stripes

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