Texan Struggles To Prove Her American Citizenship – Seriously!

Although Alecia Faith Pennington was born in Texas, she can't prove her identity or citizenship as an American. This is her story.

Alecia Faith Pennington is using YouTube to help prove her identity as a U.S. citizen.

The 19-year-old girl was born in Texas, homeschooled her entire life and never hospitalized. There is no evidence of her birth in the United States and therefore she can't get a job, travel or even get a driver's license.

“…I was born at home and my parents neglected to file a birth certificate or birth record of any kind. They also never got me a Social Security number,” Pennington says in the video. “This leaves me nothing to prove my identity or citizenship.”

The girl claims she wrote to a judge in her county, requesting a delayed birth certificate but he refused the documents because there was “insufficient proof.”

“But that’s all the proof I have,” she adds.

What’s worse, her parents have refused to help her out.

“I didn’t pick this situation for myself. I just have to deal with the consequences. I don’t know how to fix this,” Pennington says before requesting for help from people who have faced/are facing a similar problem.

Her plea (above) was posted to Reddit on Wednesday and has since gone viral.

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