Mass Grave Of 200 Medieval Bodies Discovered Under Paris Market

The mass grave came to light during renovations at the market.

Two hundred bodies arranged in neat rows of a mass grave were unearthed underneath a supermarket in Paris, France.

Apparently, the site was a hospital cemetery called Trinity Hospital, during the 13th to 17th centuries, and the bodies were thought to have been moved to the Paris Catacombs.

The hospital was initially just a center where weary travelers could recover, but when the Black Death hit, the hospital opened up the cemetery, which apparently was a lucrative side business.

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The bodies were lined up neatly from head to foot. This grave could reveal many things about the Middle Ages, such as information about epidemics, how people buried the dead, etc. The bodies include those of both the young and old, and the skeletons don’t show major signs of injury. Researchers plan to use carbon dating to find out more about when and how these people died.

The Monoprix Reaumur-Sebastopol supermarket basement was under renovation when workers discovered the gravesite. 

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