2013 Spelling Bee Winner’s Unusual Reaction To The Victory Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Normally our reaction on winning a competition or anything is similar to this.


But Arvind Mahankali who’s the winner of Scripps National Spelling Bee 2013 competition reacted to his victory in a way which is seriously not ordinary.

We cheer, we shout, we cry, we run, we jump or do whatever we can out of excitement on winning something but Arvind probably knew how to spell but he didn’t know how to react to his victory.

Check out his hilarious reaction in the video above and read what Redditors had to talk about him in the following remarks.


His pulse rate actually declined.


Because the pressure to spell words in front of an audience is finally over and his parents will get off his back about practicing.


He had accomplished what he was programmed to accomplish.


Some say he is still standing on that stage today


I turned down my volume, anticipating the kid to actually go nuts.

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