Why Does The Internet Take Away Everything We Love?

That awesome celebrity impersonations video is a big fat lie. It joins these other 5 hoaxes that fooled us all.

It was a great set up. A guy, armed with one original song, pulls off 29 celebrity impersonations of everyone from Shakira to Bono. 

It was amazing. It was impressive. It was fake.

Rob Cantor admitted his viral video was really just a clever lip syncing job using the actual talents of 11 impersonators and a trumpet player. He snowed us all in another harsh lesson of the Internet giveth, the Internet shatterth your dreams. 

We were had along with everyone else. We even said, "You're perfect in the way that you are, too, Rob Cantor." 

Allow us to recant. You're a turd. 

But you're not the only turd on the Internet. Here's a couple of other too-good-to-be-true hoaxes that fooled the Internet.

Elan Gale's Flight From Hell

The Web had its claws out when a reality show producer started live tweeting his note fight with another passenger aboard a Thanksgiving flight. 

"Diane" was an entitled jerk who complained to the flight crew about delays, and it set off a note-passing war that culminated in threats of arrest and suggestions to eat my you-know-what. 

Fake. All fake. 


Fake Fiery Twerk

This one showed just how willing we are to believe anything for entertainment. A girl's twerking video quickly turned disastrous after she falls into lit candles.

Jimmy Kimmel is the one to blame this time. He created the fake video with a stuntwoman and actually didn't do anything to promote it. This one went viral all on its own.

Terrifying Giant Spiders

This one capitalized on support for troops. Just imagine being in a war zone and also plagued by huge spiders that can run 25 mph and jump a foot in the air. People were asked to send ideas or supplies to help protect troops from these spiders in Iraq.

A picture is worth a thousand words unless it's ridiculously deceiving because of camera angles. 

Balloon Boy

This one could be a classic case study in what reality TV does to our society. Desperate for attention to push through a reality show idea, Richard and Mayumi Heene fooled the world into thinking their 6-year-old son Falcon was in a runaway balloon. 

Instead of just getting egg on the face of the collective Internet, this hoax cost law enforcement time and resources to track down the balloon. Denver's airport closed and flights were diverted.

The Heenes were rightfully prosecuted and sent to jail for their 15 minutes of fame.

Helicopter Shark

This one goes back awhile and not only inspired millions of forwards, but a lesson on critical thinking.

The drama in this photo is undeniable. Make that photos, as this shot of a great white attacking a helicopter is a composite of two photos. It goes back to 2001, when it was wide disseminated on email and when it was a simpler time of not questioning if every viral pic has been Photoshopped.

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