3 Real-Life Christmas Miracles To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

Shake off your inner Scrooge with these real-life holiday miracles

Christmas is fast approaching and it's safe to say some of us are having our usual difficulty getting into the holiday spirit.

It's hard to go from worrying about bills, wrangling the kids, and pursuing your career to suddenly singing carols and carving up some roast beast. 

Well, consider the following three stories your Christmas stimulus package.

Now, that may sound like the latest terrible ABC Family special, but each of these stories is 100% true (plus, no commercials). 

You'll be belting out "Silent Night" with the best of them by the time you're through. 

Little Girl's Letter Saves Christmas

Santa Clause

Helen Berence Reyes Cardenas was five-years-old when her mother informed her that they wouldn't be able to afford much for Christmas. Cardenas wrote a very modest letter to Santa Claus asking simply for a pair of new shoes and maybe a doll as well. 

She attached the letter to a balloon and set it loose. The balloon didn't make it to the North Pole, but it did find its way to California.

There it was discovered by a woman named Julie Sanders who tracked the little girl down and made sure she and her family had plenty of gifts to open on Christmas morning.

So it looks like Santa is real, she just lives in California. 

Paralyzed Little Boy Walks Just In Time For Christmas


Austria is best known for coffee houses, wine bars, and, in at least one case, unbelievable Christmastime medical miracles. 

Seven-year-old Marko Dutschak's spine had been crushed to almost nothing by a cyst. Doctor's believed that he would never walk again, but Christmas magic had other plans. 

Defying all odds, the little boy got up and walked out of bed just a week before Christmas. For him and his family this was the best gift they could ever ask for. 

Mother Dies Giving Birth To Stillborn Daughter On Christmas Eve...Then They Both Come Back To Life

Stillborn Daughter

Mike Hermanstorfer was living a nightmare on Christmas Eve. His wife had, seemingly, just died during childbirth and his newly delivered daughter was being declared stillborn. 

Just as the horrifying news was sinking in doctor's managed to revive the baby. This was a wonderful development, but a true Christmas miracle leaves no one behind. 

Soon after the baby was revived Hermanstorfer's wife Tracy began breathing again. 

The next day was the new families greatest Christmas ever.

If you still feel like a Scrooge after reading all of that then you'd better check your pulse because you may actually be missing a heart. 

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