3 Year Old Aboriginal Girl Told "Queen Elsa Can't Be Black"

A young Aboriginal girl dressed up as Queen Elsa from Frozen was told that "Elsa can't be black." The world rushed to her defense.

3 year old Samara Muir was visiting a Melbourne shopping center dressed as her favorite Disney character, Queen Elsa of Frozen fame.

Samara Muir

She and her mother had been waiting in line for a children’s snow pit for 2 hours before they were accosted by a stranger and her children:

Aboriginal girl, Samara Muir

Rachel Muir relates the story in a Facebook post:

“A mother and her two daughters told my daughter they didn’t know why she dressed up as Anna & Elsa aren’t black and that black is ugly. Racism is alive & well in the next generation.”

When Muir pressed the other mother for an explanation, shocked at such blatant discrimination, the woman gestured toward Samara and repeated the sentiment: “You are black and black is ugly.”

Children are especially impressionable, vulnerable to the unkindness of strangers. Samara pointed to her own skin and asked her mother why she was black.

“I told her ‘because God gave you that skin colour, because you’re a proud blackfella like mum’.”

But the damage had been done. As if the bigotry of strangers wasn’t enough, the woman’s comment had made Samara question, disdain, her own identity.

Interview with Queen Samara

We surprise the 3 year-old girl & her mum who were subject to racial abuse at a Disney event #QueenSamara #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Friday, June 19, 2015

Once the news spread, the Australian public rushed to the child’s defense, dubbing her “Queen Samara.” Her story was featured on the front page of The Courier and on the news program, The Project.  

Each time, Samara appeared decked out in full Frozen regalia, looking ever the Elsa lookalike. Since then, she has been inundated with fan mail and tweets from around the globe.

Queen Elsa has found quite the adoring kingdom. 

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