3-Year-Old Girl Swearing After The Ice Bucket Challenge Will Be The Best Thing You See Today

Sameera Ehteram
This little angel has a pretty foul mouth. At this point, we’re pretty much asking, who isn’t doing the ice bucket challenge?

However, we have to say that we can’t blame 3-year-old Scarlett-Rose Davis for being a part of the global campaign because it’s everywhere and she wanted to show her support, too. Her grandparents couldn’t say no when she begged them to let her do the challenge and presumably do her part.

The video starts with the little lady announcing her challenge and nominating three others for it. It’s all sweet and oh-so-nice till the water hits her and you hear a shocked "f***ing hell!"

It takes a moment to register and when it does, the hilarity of what you just heard hits you -- and it hits you hard.

Her granny Carla Davis-Ball said she "could have died" at the outburst -- we know Carla, we know.