49 Best ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos All At Once (Video)

Watch 49 Best ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos All At Once

‘Harlem shake’ is everywhere! And if there’s still any doubt about its popularity then check out last Friday’s Google Trends chart over Here.

There are just too many ‘Harlem Shake’ videos on the internet and very few hours in a day to watch all of them, so why not watch the best ones altogether on the same screen at the same time?

Isn’t it a better idea?
In a new version of Harlem shake created by Ryan Sims, we can see together 49 of the most popular Harlem Shake videos into a single awesome medley.
Watch the mind boggling medley in the video above and also check out a few good ones separately in the videos below.

The Harlem Shake V1 (TSCS Original) 



Harlem Shake V5 (Collegehumor Edition) 



Harlem Shake V7 



The Harlem Shake V3



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