5 Genius Ideas To Turn Old Phone Booths To Art (And Toilets!)

There's no reason obsolete phone booths have to be eyesores. Check out these 5 awesome ideas.

Cities are dotted with phone booths from a time before we could bury our faces in our own private screen. More places are faced with the question about what to do with the mostly obsolete booths.

The best answer comes when towns turn the booths over to artists. Suddenly an empty metal box turns into something much, much better. 

Check out these five creative phone booth transformations:

From Phone Booth To Aquarium

A Japanese artist collective, Kingyobu, took over phone booths in Osaka to create aquariums. Fittingly enough, Kingyobu means "goldfish" and that's exactly what the artists filled the booths with.

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This Is Your Brain On Land Lines

Artists in São Paulo, Brazil, had free reign over 100 phone booths to create capsules. Many turned out designs in Brazil's national colors, and one even had "hair" from vines, but we like the brain the best.  


Don't Talk, Read Instead

New York architect John Locke brought a little color and culture to the Upper West Side with his phone booth turned mini library.

This library in Somerset, England, popped up in the phone booth after the village lost its mobile library.


Clean Up

This looks like a lonely, abandoned phone booth, but it's actually a public shower in the British Virgin Islands. Perfect for those who need a quick change without Superman's capabilities. 


Find Some Relief

When nature calls, hop into a phone booth turned into an outhouse. A British man came out with this concept -- which, thanks to the glass walls, will obviously only work in the privacy of a forest, not a city street. 

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