5 Heroic Dogs Who Rescued Their Humans

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend and these five dogs are the proof.

It’s always nice to have a furry companion around to keep you warm when it rains or to greet you happily at the door. For these five people, however, their dogs were literally the difference between life and death.

Let’s hope these little guys got to eat whatever they wanted after these amazing displays of K-9 heroism!


 1. Dog Attacks Burglar

In 2015, the idea of a dog serving as an effective security measure might seem a bit outdated. Well, this dog owner would disagree.

His dog intervened and helped him to fight off an intruder attempting to rob his shop late last year.

Seeing the moment where the dog realizes what is happening and springs into action should make us all want to go out and get one today. 


2.  Service Dog Jumps In Front Of Bus To Save Blind Owner

When a blind woman failed to notice an oncoming school bus her service dog launched himself forward between the bus and his master.

Both the dog and the owner were injured. Without the dog’s rescue, however, the injuries to the owner would have been far worse, possibly even fatal.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and species.


3. Two Dogs Fight A Bear

This one is incredibly simple and incredibly awesome.

A black bear wandered onto the property belonging to the owner of these two dogs. Without the slightest hint of fear, they proceeded to intimidate the bear into fleeing as if he were nothing but a tiny chipmunk.

Sources say these dogs were later seen wearing cool leather jackets and nonchalantly smoking cigarettes. 


4. Dog Leaps Onto Train Tracks After Owner Falls

This is another story of a heroic service dog (and it gets bonus points for the terrible CGI re-enactment).

The dog’s owner was on several medications, one of which caused him to pass out and fall directly onto a subway track below.

In a flash, his dog had leaped to his side and kept him immobile while the train passed harmlessly above them.

Dogs are amazing.


5.  Dog Prevents Owner From Going Into A Coma

Some people think pit bulls are dangerous, mean-spirited dogs. One pit-bull, however, might just change their minds.

When his owner fell into diabetic shock this dog immediately knew something was wrong. He started barking in his owner’s face and pawing at him until he woke up.

When he finally stirred he was able to call for an ambulance and receive the proper treatment. If he had remained unconscious chances are good he would have slipped into a diabetic coma.

So let's all give pit bulls a break from now on okay? 


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