5 Times Racists Got Exactly What They Deserved

Nonviolent justice is the best kind of justice. No matter what some people will try to tell you, racism is still very much alive and well in 2015.

Just this past week there have been huge demonstrations in college campuses across the nation protesting racist attitudes. 

With all of this negativity spreading it seems like a good time to be reminded that racism really is a fruitless way to live. 

Kindness and compassion are always the best ways to live life and these five encounters are wonderful testaments to that truth. 

1. San Antonio Boy Perfectly Responds to Racist Haters 

13-year-old Mexican-American Sebastian De La Cruz sang the national anthem during the 2013 NBA finals. 

No sooner had he belted his final note than racists and hate mongers took to Twitter to complain about an "illegal" singing America's song. 

Sebastian's kind, articulate, and mature response should shame his haters and encourage others to speak up against bullies.

2.  Ted Wong's Sarcastic Destruction of Ignorant Racist

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, fake-tanned, Alexandra Wallace took to YouTube to complain about Asians in her school library. 

The video went semi-viral but not as viral as this brilliant parody song by YouTuber Ted Wong (himself an Asian American). 

Wong affected a sarcastic Asian accent and pretended to sing Wallace a love song, all the while burning her to a crisp for her ignorant actions.

3.  Soccer Star Dani Alves Rises Above Racist Fans 

FC Barcelona defender Dani Alves is a dark skinned phenom from Brazil. 

As Alves prepared to take a corner kick during a game one fan thought it would be funny to mock Alves by throwing a banana at him. 

Alves' response is perfect. Instead of getting angry he smoothly bends down, peels the banana, eats it, and takes his kick. Haters are literally fueling this man's game.

4. Judge Absolutely Annihilates Woman For Racist Comment

Daytime courtroom shows can be a bit cheesy or boring to watch. This moment, however, would have been worth staying home from school to see. 

When the plaintiff in this case alleges that the defendant committed a crime because of he is from Honduras, the judge simply refuses to let it drop and teaches her a lesson about racist attitudes.

5. African-American News Anchor Rages Against Racist White Colleague 

Okay, first of all, apologies for the potato quality but this one is worth the pixels I promise. 

The video of a young black girl being thrown out of her desk at school by a white police officer went viral a few weeks ago. It became the subject of a debate segment on a local Fox News affiliate and the white correspondent blamed the incident on "black culture" in schools.

Her African-American cohort starts off calm and then erupts, covering her in the white hot magma of righteous anger. 

Racists beware. Your actions will not go unchallenged as long as folks like these continue to take a stand! 

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