Five Moronic Things That Got People Fired

These guys' reasons for leaving previous job are pretty crazy.

If you hate your job, your boss, your colleagues and basically everything about your work, this is just the place to be at.

Here are seven surefire ways to get fired -- some even made national news. Feel free to use any of them if you want to leave your job with a loud bang. Just keep in mind that finding employment after it could prove to be a bit of a challenge.

1- Posting Patient's X-Rays Online

X-Rays Online

Two nurses at Lake Geneva's Mercy Walworth Medical Center took pictures of a patient’s X-ray of his rectum, which in itself is a major violation of the patient's privacy. But one of them proceeded to post the image on Facebook. The patient had a sex toy lodged in the rectal passage, so they must have thought the image hilarious. The two nurses were fired.

2- Messing With People's Food

People's Food

Who hasn't seen the infamous Domino's Pizza video, which showed two kitchen workers engaging in disgusting activities with food items and then filming it? The video was posted on YouTube and went viral instantly. Not only did they both get fired, but they faced criminal charges.

Here is their moment of infamy:

3- Sleeping Not Just On The Job, But On A Client's Couch

The title pretty much explains this story. A Comcast technician (who else?) missed three appointments and when he finally showed up, he fell asleep on the client's couch. You don't expect Comcast to act on instances of poor customer service by its employees, but this was too much even by their lofty standards. The technician was issued his marching orders.

4- Bathing In A KFC Sink

This one isn't as gross as the Domino's guys, but it's an equally stupid way to get fired. This incident is out of Anderson, California, where three girls decided to take a dip after their work shift had ended. The only problem is that they used the restaurant's dishwasher as their private swimming pool.

5- Urinating In Freight Elevator

IRS doesn't just nab tax evaders; it also is out to get its employees who urinate in freight elevators. This is what an IRS officer used to do for reasons no one could comprehend. He didn't have a bladder problem or any other medical condition, but still relieved himself frequently in the elevator.

The stench got noticed and soon a camera was installed in the lift. The man was soon caught and promptly relieved of his duties. His explanation was that he “did this because he felt he could get away with it.”

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